How to Open a Forex Market Account

The first thing before opening an account is to at least try demo trading on at least three platforms of brokers. This will help you narrow down the type of choice that best suits you. In forex trading, you choose a single forex broker that meets all your needs and wants. After the correct broker, you can simply open a forex market using the following three steps.

Choosing an account

When you are ready to open a real working account, you have to select what type of an account you want to deal with; either a personal account or corporate account. Most people refer corporate account as the business account. During the past years, when opening a forex account, you had to choose whether you want a standard, micro account or macro account. These days there is no big problem because of the brokers in the market will allow you to trade in many custom business. This is an interesting part for newbies and those traders who are inexperienced because with the small capital you can still trade. This situation provides flexibility in the market because you will not be forced to trade bigger more than what you are not comfortable with. In the options for opening an account, there is also a managing account where if you want a broker to the trader to trade on your behalf then you can use this. This is not a good idea; it is always essential to managing your account. Also, another important thing is that it should be entirely a forex spot account, not futures account or forwards account. Once you have a trading account set up, you will need Forex software to find your trades.


There is much paperwork during this step. You have to submit paperwork to open a new account and the forms in which you are supposed to fill depend on one broker to another. The forms are usually in the PDF format whereby you can view and print it out using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. Also, ensure how must it cost and how much do bank charges for wire transfer. This will make sure that you are aware of the actual expenditure. Opening an account have a significant portion of your new trading capital.


Account activation

Once your preferred broker has received all your paperwork, you will get an email notification that will tell you if you open an account successfully or not. After following the steps, you will receive the last email with your username, password all the essential instructions on how to deposit and fund your account. This is simply all the steps that are required in opening an account; pretty easy. After having the password and username, then you can log in, Open the charts and start trading. If you want, using a Forex scanner could help you find new trades.

Before opening it is important to use a demo account first. There is no embarrassment in demo account because it will give you a guideline on how to start trading. You can use a demo account for up to six months until you are ready. Also, it is important to consider how much you will risk and find fundamental announcements using an economic calendar.

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